We at KUEL Sh.p.k are always striving forward to improve both the quality of our workforce and the services that we can offer to current and potential customers.

It is with this focus that we at KUEL Sh.p.k are pleased to announce that key staff has recently undergone the IRATA Level one Rope Access Technician training and certification at the IRATA center of excellence in Bulgaria.

By undergoing this specialized training with IRATA, KUEL Sh.p.k. is able to offer additional services as we are now able to undertake projects that require both high and low altitude rope access technicians.

It is the intention of KUEL Sh.p.k to reach level 3 after logging the appropriate number of man hours worked at this standard. As you can see KUEL Sh.p.k is always investing in its work force and is always striving for excellence and safety.