Kuel Construction Company was established in June 2010 and it is an important part of KUEL Group.

The Name "KUEL" comes from the merger of KUjtim and ELona who are the founders.

The main fields of operation are that of electricity including:
Transmission Lines,
Testing and Commissioning,
Other fields that Kuel Cover include Metal Construction technique and Civil Work

We have a qualified staff with specialist knowledge and many years of experience .

Our primary experience is the construction of the telecommunications network in Albania including telephone companies Eagle Mobile, the international company HUAWEI and Plus Communication.

During this successful co-operation Kuel Construction was responsible for the installation of optic fiber OPGW for TSO (transmission system operator) which has significantly improved the quality of service of the TSO.

Kuel has also contributed to the cabling to 110kV tract of Babica Substation and the cabling and installation of High Voltage Equipment of tract 110 kV to the Saranda Substation, line under construction Babice - Saranda part of the national strategic project "Ring of the South" collaboration with Bosnian, Energoinvest!

Continuing to operate successfully and grow every day thanks to the professionalism, seriousness and quality of work.

Among our important Clients are Energoinvest, Devoll Hydropower, Petromanas, ABB and Titan.

Also an important part of our daily work are testing and commissioning of different electric equipment. The Staff of Kuel Construction are trained in areas of expertise where everyone has their duties which enables Kuel to work together as a team. Health and safety at work is always our absolute priority.

Kuel Construction can be found at all social networks where we provide all contact details.

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